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More Than Just Websites

A Website is crucial to your business these days, that much is clear, and there are a vast number of web developers out there to fill this need. 

But there are other needs within your business that many web developers may not be able to address - and which they probably aren't even explicitly aware of. As your business grows, it starts to develop its own processes, systems and ways of working. As the busniess continues to grow, these may become cumbersome, outdated or too complex to manage effectively by hand.


Uncovering Your Pain

This is where I can help. My 30+ years of IT systems analysis and design mean that I am perfectly qualified to help sort this mess. I can review your processes and find the pinch points. I can analyse your complex manual systems and simplify them. And with the power and flexibility of Drupal (the system I use to build websites), I can build you a bespoke internal system at the fraction of cost of implementing a package. This would be your system, built around your business and the way you want to work, so you won't have to compromise your unique selling point because the package "doesn't do it that way". 

This is a specialised service which I call Websites Plus. I believe it is quite unique within the web developer space - it's certainly quite rare.


The Proof Of The Pudding

I have already proved this concept works. I have built a membership database for Northampton Fencing Club using Drupal. It allows the Committee to securely hold details of all of its members. They can run reports to see whose Fencing license is due to expire, how many junior fencers they have and discover many other useful facts. It also allows them to bulk send e-mails to specific groups within the club - like "all club coaches", "the Committee", "all junior fencers" or just "all Club members". This system replaced a clunky, difficult to manage spreadsheet tha only one person could use at a time. The E-mail system has improved communication within the club tremendously. It is now also built into the new Club website, so that club members can manage their own details. It is a great success, and proof of the benefits that Websites Plus can bring.


Websites Plus Can Benefit Your Business

If you have processes that don't work quite as well as you'd like, or if you have big cumbersome spreadsheets or Access database that are a nightmare to manage, I'd love to see if I can help. I can provide the sort of service that is usually only available with an in-house IT department. For a fraction of the cost, I can be your internal IT department. Get in touch now and let's explore your Universe together.



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