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A CV For Your Business

Have you ever got a job just from a CV? Probably not. Your CV is a way of differentiating you from the rest of the pack. A way to get you an interview.
Your website is just the same. Even the best website can’t get you new business. But it will get you conversations with prospective customers. The rest is down to you.
Of course, a bad website, like a bad CV, can kill your chances of getting to the next stage. Stone dead.
These days, the first thing people do is to check your website. The second thing they do is decide if they want to deal with you any further. If your website isn’t up to scratch, more often than not, the answer will be “No!”. You see, when they’ve searched on Google and found 36,027 results, they can afford to be picky. If you don’t catch their attention in the first 7 seconds, you’ve lost them.

Design is Everything

Getting a website just right takes careful design, attention to detail and a good understanding of the business.
That’s how we approach the design of a website. We work to understand your business, what it’s about, why are you doing it, and what makes it – and you - special. Then we design a site to reflect all of this. Your site will be easy to understand and simple to use, but reflect the personality of your business.

Building On Strong Foundations

Once you've approved the design, we build your site using a solid, dependable, proven, content management system called Drupal. 
So you get a site that simply works. It works on any sized device - from smart phones to huge desktop monitors – because it’s designed that way from the start. Mobile friendliness is built-in from the word go, not bolted on as an afterthought. We also make sure that you can maintain your own content easily, without having to know anything about Drupal, by giving you a tailor-made back-office. Keeping your site fresh and exciting is as easy as typing a document in Word. 
Because your site is based on Drupal, it’s secure, robust and flexible. It’s also easy to add amazing new features to. Features like slide shows, live social media feeds, forums and e-commerce web shops. In fact, almost anything you can imagine.

A Website For The Future

So you won't outgrow your website, because your site will flex and grow along with your business, supporting your efforts all of the way. And our range of Support Plans means that we can be with you for every step of the journey, helping, guiding and reassuring you.

No Man Is An Island

We strongly believe that people should do what they do best and leave other things to specialists. That's why we use trusted partners to assist with our websites. We have Graphics Designers we can call on to help with visuals; Copywriters who can make sure your site sends the right message by using the right words and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experts who can help you make sure your site gets found by your customers. And they're all local small business people too - so we're supporting other people just like us. We don't outsource to faceless corporations in the Far East. That leaves us to do what we do best - build you a site that you and your customers will love.

Get a WhiteStar Website today

So why not talk to us about a WhiteStar website, and what it can do for your business. Just click the button below, fill in the contact form and find out how WhiteStar can help you eclipse your competition.


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