Need a Website But Can't Afford One?

Do you feel that your business really needs a website, but your current budget won’t allow such a large outlay?

Or maybe you don’t want to invest in an expensive website yet, in case your fledgling business changes direction or focus and your money would be wasted.


There Is Another Way

We offer a Startup package – designed specifically for businesses like yours. You get all of the pages you need to get started – Home, Services, About and Contact and either a Blog or Testimonial page. All for a modest up-front cost and only a little of your time.

It’s not built from an industry-specific template – it’s designed just for you. OK, it’s basic, but it’s based on a solid foundation, so you can add new features when you want. That means it can evolve and grow as your business does. So, it’s not just a stop-gap solution – it’s a strong base to build on. But it won't look basic - we have a graphics designer who will work with you to get it looking just right - all included in the price.

There is a small monthly fee to provide space on a server to host your website. But this includes backups, monitoring of the site, and applying critical security patches to the software that runs your site. This means that your site should be safe from hackers, viruses and other threats. 


Basic Costs

Startup Website (one-off cost)


Monthly Hosting charges


Optional Extras

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This is a fancy term for making your pages attractive to search engines like Google. Your basic site will allow SEO to be added to it, so you can do it yourself if you want to. This is where many free website services leave you. However, adding SEO content is a very specialist skill - so much so that we outsource all of ours to a trusted partner company. 

They will analyse your site (once it's built) and tweak it to help you get found by search engines.

Startup Search Engine Optimisation



Monthly Support Package

You may want to change your content, or you may want to start adding new features to your site straight away. In this case our Support Package will suit you just fine. For a small monthly fee of £20*, you get 3 hours of our time per quarter to make whatever changes you want on your site. And if you use all of those hours up, you get extra hours at a discounted rate.

Monthly Startup Support Package
includes 3 hours of our time per quarter.
Additional hours charged at £35 per hour
(normally £45).

Min. 12 month contract


*£20 is a special rate for startups. After 12 months, you will need to select one of the standard packages.



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