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Your stunning website needs an equally awesome place to live on the web. To ensure this is the case, we've partnered with a fantastic company that provides a fast, reliable and secure home for your website - whether we built it for you, or someone else did. Our Hosting partners share the same ideals that we do - providing fantastic customer service at a reasonable cost.

You may choose for your WhiteStar website to be hosted elsewhere, but this has some cost implications.

  WhiteStar Host 3rd Party Host
Hosting1 CSS2 CSS2
WhiteStar built site £25 £FOC £20
3rd party built Drupal3 7 site £25 £30 ---
3rd party built non-Drupal3 7 site £25 --- ---

All fees shown are per month.

1WhiteStar Hosting includes server monitoring and regular backups.

2CSS is Critical Security Support, an optional service which includes the monitoring & application of critical Drupal security patches.

3Drupal is the Content Management System (CMS) that all WhiteStar websites are built with.



Support Plans

Search engines love sites with interesting, regularly changing content. More importantly, so do your customers.

All WhiteStar websites make it easy for you to manage your own content - whether that be tweaking the words on your pages, adding blogs or testimonials, etc. However, not everyone has the time and/or inclination to change their content regularly.

Or maybe you have lots of ideas about how you could tweak your WhiteStar site - adding new features to wow your potential customers.

Giving you time and flexibility

That's where our support plans can help you. By taking out one of the WhiteStar Support packages you get some of our time each quarter to use as you will. We can refresh your content, or add those sexy new features to give your site that extra bit of sparkle.

Need more of my time than your support plan provides? No problem - each plan gives you a discounted rate on extra hours, so you can add in that extra feature without costing you the Earth.


  • 3 hours support per quarter
  • £40 per additional hour
  • (normally £45 per hour)
  • min. 12 month contract


per month


  • 9 hours support per quarter
  • £30 per additional hour
  • (normally £45 per hour)
  • min. 12 month contract


per month

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