Wollaston Parish Council

This was created for my local village Parish Council, to replace an ageing site that could only be maintained by the company that created it. Now, the Parish Clerk, although a self-confessed computer illiterate, has no problem adding Parich Council minutes, news items and all of the other content that is needed.

Client Quote: 
Our previous website was difficult to navigate and I am told, even worse to update. I was having panic attacks at the thought of having to keep our old website updated when the company we were using were unable to continue providing that service. Luckily Paul was recommended to us and we decided to have a brand new website with the intention that Paul would provide training in order that I could update it. I was still apprehensive as I had decided I was untrainable. How wrong! Paul is patient, explains things in a way that even I can understand and he has made the ‘background’ idiot proof. As well as the technical side being amazingly easy to get to grips with, the website is fantastic – it looks great and is really easy to find your way round. I have already recommended Paul to as many people as I can.
Angela Young - Wollaston Parish Clerk

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