The Sales Manager (new site)

The original site served the client well, and reflected the sorts of clients that she wanted to attract initially. However, the business has moved on and grown and now has to cater for a more corporate audience too - hence the redesign.

The site has complex e-commerce functionality built in - including reserving places on courses and discounts for multiple booking courses. It also integrates with MailChimp to provide automated email campaigns. 

Latest Blogs

...Or Why My Website Took Me So Long

I’ve just released my new website ( and I’m very proud of it. But it’s taken me 18 months to create. It’s been a journey. I’d like to share that journey with you here.

I've found a series of technical books that break the mould.

How I got around running a business from a home in a mobile phone dead-spot, without resorting to working from the upstairs toilet!

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