Finally - a mobile phone signal at home

Wednesday 3 April 2013

As a small businessman I spend a lot of time working at home. Unfortunately, I live in what can only be called a 'mobile phone dead-spot', so I can only get a mobile signal if I am sitting on the upstairs loo!

Several companies now offer clever devices that hook up to your wireless broadband router and allow your mobile to work as though it had a 3G signal. I have recently trialled one of these and found it to be most effective. Whereas before I had 'No Service' anywhere in the house except in the upstairs bathroom, with this booster I now get five bars all over the house.

There are two major snags with these devices:

  • They aren't usually cheap - I paid £50, but some networks charge £100 or more. However some networks do give them away for free;
  • They're not easy to get hold of. It took me over a month and a lot of phone calls to offshore call centres to finally obtain mine. Some networks will only provide them to businesses.

I can certainly recommend trying one of these. So far it seems to have been worth all the hoop jumping it took to get hold of it.

Update 09/10/2013: Six months on and the booster is working very well. It was a little erratic for a couple of days at the start, losing the signal and needing a complete reset to work again. This settled down after a while and has been pretty stable ever since. Thoroughly recommended.

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