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"When I engaged Paul to produce my website, I gave him a very sketchy brief about the look and feel of the site and what I wanted it to include. From this, Paul produced a website that exceeded my expectations. He was able to do this, because he had taken time to get to know me, my business, and the vision that I had. The whole process was painless and he was even able to explain some of the technical "bits" in a way that even I understood. I have had some great feedback about the site and would not hesitate to recommend him!"
Julie Futcher - The Sales Manager
"I really appreciated the amount of input I was given in the design & build of my website. I offer a very personal Life Coaching service, so I need to present myself in a way that's true to me, to be authentic. My website is now very 'ME' & that makes it easier for potential Clients to get a feel of who they are dealing with before they pick up the phone. Thank you."
Ann Wootton - Ivy Work Life Balance Coaching
"Paul has just designed my website and I can safely say I am extremely impressed. He took time to understand what I needed from the website, gave advice on how to get it to best portray me, my purpose and my personality. It is a website that will evolve as my business evolves. Highly recommended. "
Jo Taylor
"Our previous website was difficult to navigate and I am told, even worse to update. I was having panic attacks at the thought of having to keep our old website updated when the company we were using were unable to continue providing that service. Luckily Paul was recommended to us and we decided to have a brand new website with the intention that Paul would provide training in order that I could update it. I was still apprehensive as I had decided I was untrainable. How wrong! Paul is patient, explains things in a way that even I can understand and he has made the ‘background’ idiot proof. As well as the technical side being amazingly easy to get to grips with, the website is fantastic – it looks great and is really easy to find your way round. I have already recommended Paul to as many people as I can."
Angela Young - Wollaston Parish Clerk
"I just wanted to chip in & once again say a MASSIVE Thank You for everything you have done! This website is truly wonderful & I'm certain really will make a huge difference to the success of this challenge. You both have very special places on 'Jays List Of Wonderful People'... "
Jay Lucas - MND Move The World Challenge Organiser
"Paul offers a free website health check and I took him up on this. He took the time to review my website in detail and follow this up with a both a written report and a meeting allowing us to go through it. I value this and the time he afforded me. If you want a 'no strings attached' health check of your website I really do suggest you go to Paul"
Jo Dufty - Live Your Vision
"Paul has been immensely helpful in navigating me through the finer details of my website highlighting a number of areas for improvement and taken away some of the mysteries of SEO thank you! I would recommend Paul to anyone who would like an honest professional opinion about their website!"
Jane Sumner
"Paul produced for us a good and easy to administer web site along the lines we outlined. We needed control of the site and Paul produced a mask into which we could add or take away pages, content, pictures, video, audio. As a private site for member's only Paul added a front log on page giving members access and not advertising the web site on the internet which is what we wanted. I thoroughly recommend Paul for web site work."
John Dale - NHS Complaint Managers' Forum
"Paul helped me as I had trouble attracting traffic to my website. Paul identified the top reasons why first with his Health Check and detailed analysis, I have taken action on those points and Paul reviewed it again and gave me more feedback. Really appreciate the help as marketing through a website is important."
Chris Murphy
"Thanks so much for your time Paul. A very comprehensive and highly expert assessment . Thanks also for not bombarding me with jargon and making this subject easy for even me to understand . Can't reccommend you enough"
Martin Hill


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