I design amazing websites that help your business eclipse the competition
My sites work on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops
and with my unique 100% satisfaction guarantee
…and with our unique
easy to mange editing system…
you'd have to cross the galaxy to find a better deal
…you’d have to
Cross The Galaxy
to find a better website
Plus, with my 30+ years of IT analysis and design experience
Plus, with my 30+ years of
IT analysis & design Experience...
although our journey may start with a brilliant website
…although our journey
may start with a
brilliant website…
it can soon develop into something even more spectacular
…it can soon develop
into something
even more spectacular
I call this specialised service "Websites Plus"
We call this Specialised service
“Websites Plus”

All of our websites are backed by more than 30 years of IT experience

We Build Websites - Not Sausages!

Your business is unique. So shouldn't your website be unique too?

Many website companies use 'templates' to build your website. They have a library containing a number of pre-designed websites: some for Accountants; some for Consultants; some for web-shops, etc. So they pick the one that most suits you and change the colours, and if you're lucky, the fonts. The trouble is that other accountants will have the same base for their site, so your site is just another Accountancy site.

They do this because it drastically reduces the time needed to build a site. It doesn't necessarily mean that the site will be cheaper, just that they can churn out more of them, and so make more money.

It's like a sausage machine. 

We believe that's the wrong approach. We think that each site should start with a blank canvas and give our graphic design partners freedom to create a site that reflects the soul of your business. 


So Why Choose Us?

Although our website generates leads, we prefer our clients to come from networking and referrals. We trade on our personality, honesty, integrity, approachability and technical expertise. It's these things that not only make us “us”, but they’re also the things that make us different to the other geeks out there. The others may also be technically brilliant or graphical geniuses but they’re still not us! 

And that’s true of your business. It has a special ingredient – you.

When building a site,we love to get inside our client’s head, understand their personality and that of their business. Then we design a site that reflects this. Building a website is pretty straightforward. But building a website that people can instantly recognise as yours is more of a challenge – a challenge that we thrive on. Our motivation is seeing the look of delight on our client’s face when they see their draft site for the first time. The moment when they realise that we’ve captured their essence is priceless. 

This is what Julie Futcher of The Sales Manager had to say about her experience:

“When I engaged Paul to produce my website, I gave him a very sketchy brief about the look and feel of the site and what I wanted it to include. From this, Paul produced a website that exceeded my expectations. He was able to do this because he had taken time to get to know me, my business, and the vision that I had. The whole process was painless and he was even able to explain some of the technical "bits" in a way that even I understood. I have had some great feedback about the site and would not hesitate to recommend him!”


Content Should Be Simple To Manage

If you've had a website before, you may have found that either:
  • you couldn't make changes yourself - you had to beg (and pay!) your web designer to make changes. When he got round to it;
  • you were given complete access to the sytem that the site was built in (often WordPress) and expected to learn how to use it without breaking it. And because you have complete freedom, you'd create a new page. With a different layout, different colours and different fonts. And suddenly, your beautifully designed site becomes a patchwork quilt of mismatched pages, which confuse your customers and send them scurrying to a different site to escape the chaos that your site has become.
We provide you with an alternative - a bespoke back-office system that:
  • is as easy to use as an email client - write your text and pick an image. The system formats it for you, resizes the image if necessary and makes sure it looks great on any sized device;
  • hides the complexities of the system from you so you can't break your site;
  • gives you the flexibility to create attractive, interesting content, without compromising the overall design of the site. So you avoid the 'patchwork quilt' effect and keep those customers on your site and buying from you.


Want To Find Out More?

If you like what you've read about us and our approach, why not get in touch and we can discuss how to work together to help your business grow, and “eclipse your competition”.



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